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Dear Members and Guests, Thank you for visiting EGS website and I hope you find it very beneficial and has what you are looking for. It was a long journey to create such site to represent our society since its inauguration in 1980 by great pioneers who had the vision of the value of communication, networking and knowledge sharing. We promise to do our best to feed this website with all the topmost recent related data, information and news to the different geophysics fields. Data has certain value for different people, in the era of information technology and the pace of transferring information; we should make the most out of it for us and for the new generations. EGS, is always at the front in creating activities. During the last two decades, EGS initiated and organized several international conferences. Al Amal Program EGS is another flagship project initiated by EGS to continue its efforts to promote Geoscience, and to develop skills of new graduates to be ready for the market and help companies to find the right caliber that will carry the torch in the future. Al Amal Program is organized in cooperation with EPEX and has the full support of SEG. Wish you all a nice cruise into EGS site and looking forward to receive your input to improve it. Samir EGS Chairman

Our Vision

EGS ultimate vision is to be a key foundation that plays a significant role in promoting and advancing the geophysics knowledge transfer as well as establishing and sustaining a solid base of Geophysicists who can serve the different Geophysics disciplines in Egypt and all over the world.

Our Mission

EGS reaches large number of geoscientists in Egypt through its annual meeting, annual Journal and its different organized events and programs. This gives the society the advantage of being able to get high quality professional in touch with the young geoscientists in Egypt to ensure the development of the next generations as best as possible.


EGS has been established in 1980 by 37 members. During the past three decades, the society attracted hundreds of geophysicists from universities, research centers, institutes, Petroleum and mining industries who work in the different fields of geophysics. Now, EGS members exceeds 600 professionals


Membership categories
Honorary Member: Someone who has made a distinguished contribution tobthe Society
Active member: who is engaged in practicing or teaching geophysics for at least 5 years, and who has at least B.Sc. Degree in Science or Technology from a recognized university

Associate members: who do not fulfill the requirements of active membership.

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Our Activities

  • Al Amal Program
    Al Amal Program

    EGS initiated AI Amal Program in 2007 which is a program to bridge the gap etween academia and the industry, to develop graduates to compete for a job, to help the companies to find the right calibers and to help Egypt, at large, to face the current and future challenges of the Oil Industry

  • EGS Annual Scientific Meeting

    EGS holds an annual scientific meeting during March-April. Outstanding papers are granted financial awards and certificates presented by the Society and other Sponsors.

    This is a good opportunity for knowledge share as the topics discuses different aspects it geophysical exploration including Seismic Exploration, Seismology and Seismic Hazards, Geodynamics and Crust Deformations, Gravity, Geomagnetism, Palaeomagnetism and Archaeomagnetism, Environmental Geophysics, Well Logging and Petrophysics, Remote Sensing and GIS applications, Radiometry and Spectrometry also Electric and Electromagnetic Methods.

    EGS Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Amalianz learning programs (Gain & Give –  Al Amal Troops)
    Amalianz learning programs (Gain & Give – Al Amal Troops)

    These are true representation of “giving back” meaning from those who graduated from Al Amal program and gave back what they learned from Al Amal and the practical life by organizing learning programs to under-graduate students in several Universities in Egypt. The society aims to repeat Al Amal Troops event in a number of Universities each year.

  • Affiliation to international societies

    EGS is a member of the Egyptian Scientific Union, an affiliated society to the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and an affiliated society of European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE).

    Affiliation to international societies
  • Scientific Symposia
    Scientific Symposia

    EGS arranged several scientific symposia to discuss different national problems to which geophysics plays special role

  • Annual Scientific Journal

    EGS issues an annual scientific journal “Journal of the Egyptian Geophysical Society” (2003 – recent)

    Annual Scientific Journal
  • EGS students forums
    EGS students forums

    EGS initiated its first student’s forum event with SEG student chapters from 7 Universities. The first event was held in Ain Shams University (October 2015). The society aims to make this an annual event that runs with cooperation from all the different student chapters activities in the different Universities in Egypt

Our dedicated team

EGS Staff

Geoph. Samir Abdelmoaty AbdelKhalek
Geoph. Samir Abdelmoaty AbdelKhalek

Country Manager, Rockhopper Egypt
010 01666662

Dr. Salah Mohamed Mahmoud
Dr. Salah Mohamed Mahmoud

010 06548875

Dr. Salah El Din Abdelwahab Mousa
Dr. Salah El Din Abdelwahab Mousa

Fac. Of Sci., Ain Shams Univ.
010 01797556

Dr. Adel Abdelfatah El Bassyouni
Dr. Adel Abdelfatah El Bassyouni

Fac. Of Sci., Ain Shams Univ.
010 05195526

Dr. Selim Zeidan
Dr. Selim Zeidan

Fac. Of Eng Azhar Univ.
012 28973242

Dr. Hatem Farouk Mohamed Ewida
Dr. Hatem Farouk Mohamed Ewida

perenco North Sinai Petroleum Company
010 01822258

Dr. Ali Mohamed Ali Bakr
Dr. Ali Mohamed Ali Bakr

Consultant at Shell Petroleum company
012 3258074

Dr. Gad El-Qady
Dr. Gad El-Qady

Prof. of Applied Geophysics at NRIAG
010 01547090

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali Youssef
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali Youssef

Desert Research Center
012 24459587

Geoph. Shehab El-Gazaly
Geoph. Shehab El-Gazaly

BP Egypt
010 03539588