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EGS student forum

EGS student forum


March 2017
student forum

Interested in Geosciences, scientific research and presentations, wished to be spotted and remarked by the Geoscience community, eager to represent your talent, passion and creativity or wish to get involved more with the geoscience community by meeting the top professionals from multinational companies and know about the newest upstream techniques in the Oil & Gas industry?

So EGS student forum 17’ is made specially for you.

EGS student forum 17’ is a conference hosted by the Egyptian Geophysical society in collaboration with SEG – Cairo University Student Chapter, SEG Ain shams student chapter, EAGE-ASUSC, AAPG-CUSC (Cairo University Student Chapter), SEG AUSC (Al-Azhar University Student Chapter ), SEG-Alex, Alxusc Aapg, GSAU-Geological Society of Alexandria University, EAGE Egypt-Alexandria University student chapters, it is the largest student forum held in Egypt which considered to be the chance for any talented student to represent his/her talent, scientific knowledge and interpersonal skills through preparing a scientific research for certain Geoscience topic and presenting it to the attendees including University professors, professionals, students and the huge multinational companies’ representatives which will attend the conference, evaluate your presentation and introduce the prizes for winners.



23rd of December 2016

Event Speaker
Samir Abdel Moaty
Samir Abdel Moaty EGS President

Alexandria University


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